Detox Bar with Coconut and Turmeric


This Detox Bar with Coconut and Turmeric was born via a challenge from actor/model Charlotte McKinney to The Good Chocolate company, which creates delicious health-conscious chocolates. She dared them to create an even healthier chocolate bar full of detox superfoods. Voila, Detox Bar!

  • BEAN-TO-BAR VEGAN, PREMIUM 65% Dark Chocolate made exclusively without sugar
  • TOASTED COCONUT FLAKES that are heart-healthy and full of fiber
  • ORGANIC TURMERIC to combat inflammation and provide a source of anti-oxidants 
  • FODMAP-friendly CERTIFIED 
  • SWEETENED WITH PLANT-BASED ORGANIC SWEETENERS found in fruits and plants, including Erythritol, Mesquite Powder, and Stevia
  • MADE IN SAN FRANCISCO This exclusive recipe is made in their San Francisco chocolate factory with 8 simple ingredients
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