Flavored Chocolate

Lemon Flavored Chocolate

lemon milk chocolate lindt bar

Milk Chocolate Lemon Lindt Bar

The Lindt Creation Lemon milk chocolate bar is a new delicious recipe of a creamy lemon ganache filling wrapped in smooth milk chocolate, delivering a unique and delectable taste sensation. Keep refrigerated for extra refreshing taste.

Lemon Satin Creme with dark chocolate Ethel M

Lemon Satin Creme by Ethel M Chocolates

16 pieces of Ethel M's premium, dark chocolate Lemon Satin Crèmes®. Their best customers call it a two-bite dessert, similar to lemon meringue pie. Each piece is made using premium cream and lemon puree, then enrobed in fine dark chocolate.

lemon dark chocolate truffle sees candies

Lemon Dark Chocolate Truffle by See's Candies

This See's Candies Lemon Truffle is a rich, smooth truffle center of white chocolate and lemon covered in dark chocolate and decorated with white chocolate lace.

Orange Flavored Chocolate

flavored chocolate

Orange Creme by See's Candies

Creamy soft center with oranges, covered in smooth milk chocolate. Another See's Candies favorite.

Terry's Chocolate Orange

This Dark Chocolate Orange is made with a hint of orange flavor. It is 2 inches in diameter. Whack it on the table, open it up and enjoy the individual slices.

intense orange lindt bar

Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Lindt Bar

This Intense Orange Dark Chocolate Bar has a unique combination of rich, premium dark chocolate, delicate orange pieces and crisp almond slivers.

orange chocolate truffles Lindt

Orange Milk Chocolate Truffles by Lindt Lindor

A delicate milk chocolate shell surrounds a smooth dark orange truffle filling. Another Lindt masterpiece. UK Import.

Band of Gold Orange Peel dark chocolate zchocolat

Band of Gold by zChocolat

An exquisite, tangy strip of candied Corsican orange peel surrounded by a tantalizing layer of intense 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate. Ultra-luxury chocolates by zChocolat. Made in France.

orange peel in dark chocolate mini bar

Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate Chocolove Mini Bar

These mini-bars are bits of freeze-dried orange peel enveloped in Belgian dark chocolate. Perfect for snacking. Pack of 12.