Dark Chocolate

dark chocolates from Godiva

Godiva Assorted Dark Chocolates

Taste the Godiva chocolate difference with assorted chocolates in flavors like Dark Caramel Embrace, Mochaccino Mousse Dessert Chocolate and Dark Ganache Bliss. Fine chocolates ranging from 50% dark chocolate to 83%, filled with ganaches, creams and caramels; the perfect dark chocolate gift. 27-piece (10.6 oz.) box of dark assorted chocolates including Godiva dark chocolate favorites.

dark chocolate sauce Matthews 1812 House

Dark Chocolate Sauce

Dark, bittersweet chocolate sauce that is exceptionally rich and spoonable.
Dark Chocolate Sauce from Matthews 1812 House goes perfectly over cakes, brownies and is a delicious topping for ice cream! Whatever you choose to serve it with, you will love it. 9 oz jar.

Fruition Maranon Dark Chocolate Bar

Fruition Marañón Dark Chocolate Bar

This award-winning chocolate bar is a very dark-milk chocolate made from pure Nacional cocoa beans from the remote Marañón Canyon of Peru. Winner: WORLD GOLD in the 2015 & 2016 International Chocolate Awards for Chocolate Maker, Best in Competition for Milk Chocolate in 2016
1st Place Milk Chocolate, Northwest Chocolate Festival, 2015 ,Winner: Good Food Awards, 2017

Green & Black Organic 85% Dark Chocolate Bar

Green & Black uses 85% cocoa solids for an intense hit of cocoa. But it’s balanced with just enough sugar to separate the bitterness and the acidity, resulting in an almost savory note. The organic vanilla naturally seasons the chocolate and softens its bitterness.

Marzipan dark chocolate candy 1812 house

Marzipan Dark Chocolates

These almond delicacies are one of Mathews 1812 House's best sellers! Dark bittersweet chocolate covers these unique gourmet treats. The intense marzipan taste is perfectly complemented by the superb chocolate!

ChocZero Dark Chocolate Almond Keto Bark

ChocZero Dark Chocolate Almond Keto Bark

If you're following a Keto diet, you can still enjoy dark chocolate! Creamy, ​stone-ground dark chocolate and roasted almonds ​make for a perfect marriage of flavors for ChocZero's artisanal dark chocolate almond bark​ flavor!. It's low in net carbs and contains no sugar alcohols.

Dylans Candy Bar Deep Dark Chocolate

Dylan's Candy Bar Deep Dark Chocolate Bar

Full-bodied dark chocolate balances a blend of serenely earthy undertones. This Deep Dark Chocolate bar is part of Dylan’s Candy Bar Gold Collection, a new assortment of luxuriously delicious, high-end Belgian chocolates crafted from only the finest ingredients.

dark chocolate truffle fudge 1812 house

Dark Chocolate Truffle Fudge Bars

Coated in dark chocolate, the fudge-like fillings include: semi-sweet chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate with walnuts, semi-sweet chocolate with peanut butter, dark chocolate with walnuts, dark chocolate with French grey sea salt, white chocolate vanilla with walnuts, chocolate and caramel with Hawaiian sea salt. From Matthews 1812 House.

Lindt Dark Chocolate Truffle

Lindt Lindor Dark Chocolate Truffle

Lindt Lindor offers a deeply indulgent premium chocolate experience. A delicate dark chocolate shell enrobes an irresistibly smooth dark chocolate center. An international favorite.

Dark zChocolat

Dark Chocolate from zChocolat

Their most popular chocolate; intense 70% Venezuelan dark chocolate couverture encasing a duo of a lush caramel and crunchy praliné: the caramel is sweet and salty with Bourbon-Vanilla from Madagascar, the praliné is composed from slow-roasted Piedmont hazelnuts. Create a personalized assortment.

EthelM Dark Chocolates

Dark Chocolate Collection by EthelM Chocolates

Delight your senses with the finest dark chocolate covering an array of unique and gourmet fillings. This collection offers you a variety of their best pieces, blended beautifully with our world-famous dark chocolate. Sample from chewy and creamy caramels, almond nut clusters, Almond Butter Krisps and velvety Satin Cremes.

See's candies 1 lb dark chocolate assortment

Dark Chocolate Assortment by See's Candies

A 1 lb box of assorted dark chocolates. A taste of rich, flavorful cacao in every bite. Filled with our greatest hits, including Maple Walnut, Peanut Square, Pineapple Truffle, Dark Buttercream and more. Each coated by a waterfall of See's aged dark chocolate.

Harbor Sweets Dark Chocolate

Harbor Sweets Dark Chocolate Collection

Perfect for the equestrian chocolate lover. A delightful assortment including: Dressage Classics (rich dark chocolate covering almond buttercrunch toffee), Peppermint Ponies (rich dark chocolate and the fresh taste of peppermint crunch), and Grand Prix Jumpers (dark chocolate covering creamy butter-caramel).

Dark Chocolate Gophers Savannahs Candy Kitchen

Dark Chocolate Gophers by Savannah's Candy Kitchen

What else can we say about Savannah Candy Kitchen's Southern Gopher that hasn't already been said by adoring fans? Crunchy? Well, sure, because of the fresh Georgia Pecans. Creamy? That would be their handmade caramel layer in every delicious bite. Chocolate-y? Of course!

Ghirardelli Intense Dark 86% Chocolate Squares

Experience intense, complex and perfectly dark chocolate with full-bodied flavor, accompanied by hints of dark cherries and dried plums.