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Chocolate Aficionados Reveal Their Go-To Dark Chocolate Treats | Please Send Chocolate

Chocolate Aficionados Reveal Their Go-To Dark Chocolate Treats

Do you ever dream of working around chocolate every day? Just imagine the warm, rich, sweet and familiar aroma, the pure joy of unlimited taste-testing, the endless delectable consuming of thousands of different chocolate confections from all over the world.

Tough gig, right?

Well, even chocolate experts have moments when they need to indulge in a special chocolate treat. So what do they choose?

Since people are crazy for dark chocolate these days (healthy, antioxidant-rich rep, etc.) we asked four extremely talented and hard-working chocolate aficionados what their favorite go-to dark chocolate treat is, and they were kind enough to respond.

You might be surprised by some of their answers!

Here they are (in alphabetical order):

Amy Atherton, Amy’s Healthy BakingSelf-Proclaimed Chocaholic

“My favorite dark chocolate treat is one of my fudgy dark chocolate brownies because they taste incredibly rich and decadent, but they're actually really easy to make! I even keep some in my freezer because they always satisfy my chocolate cravings!” Unbelievably, these brownies only have 76 calories!

Megan Giller, Chocolate Noise  – Chocolate Expert

“My favorite dark chocolate treat is a dark milk chocolate bar: It's the best of both worlds! I love how the cocoa still shines through as well as the smooth, creamy taste of this style of bar. In particular I'm a huge fan of Fruition’s [multiple award-winning] Marañon Canyon Dark Milk and Chocolate Naive's Porcini Dark Milk. Yes, you read that right: It has porcini mushrooms in it, but it's smooth (no crunch or chew).”

Doreen PendgracsChocolatour.net“Doreen the Chocolate Queen” & Chocolate Adventurist

“I don't consider pure dark chocolate to be a treat. If made right, it is a health food! But if I had to pick a dark chocolate creation that had “ultimate adult treat” written all over it, it would be the dark chocolate enrobed sea salt caramels from Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier of Madison, Wisconsin. They’re a full inch thick of gooey goodness that doesn't stick to your teeth. The eco-friendly, additive-free pure dark chocolate used by Gail tastes divine and is rich without being too sweet, made primarily of ethically sourced cocoa mass, and locally produced butter and cream. Pure perfection.”

Jael RattiganFrench Broad Chocolates – Chocolate Expert and Chocolatier

“After all these years in chocolate and pastry, my favorite go-to dark chocolate treat is still a classic chocolate chip cookie, made with our craft chocolate chips. It satisfies my sweet tooth without being overly sugary (we add cacao nibs and 72% dark chocolate to ours, so they're not too sweet), and makes a solid stand in when I don't have time for lunch (don't judge!). All these fancy pastries and bonbons around me in our Chocolate Lounge every day, and what I want most is a chocolate chip cookie.”

There you have it – tasty dark chocolate treat preferences from the pros!

And while we don’t want to overwhelm you, please feel free to check out our Dark Chocolate selections too.

Thanks for reading this post! Please share if you think it’s worthy.

What's your favorite go-to dark chocolate treat? Tell us in the comments below!

2 Responses to “Chocolate Aficionados Reveal Their Go-To Dark Chocolate Treats

  • Happy to be part of this post. I agree with Megan that dark milk chocolate bars are a delicious treat. And I would love to taste Amy’s brownies! Maybe I’ll have to check out the recipe. Longing for more of Gail’s incredible dark chocolate caramels …

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